Thursday 3rd September & Friday 4th September 2015

Hi Folks.

Well the kids are now back in school and you guys can now refocus on the job of eating well.It is without a doubt a very stressful time.For thsoe of us without children it still evokes memories of crazy houses, lazy children and long traffic jams particularly around schools. Why is it that we feel the need to drop our little darlings at the front door? God forbid they would have to al a mere 20 metres to the school. Think the future, think obesity, think a lifelong struggle with weight.It is without doubt one of the saddest images to see the tiny overweight child in the playground. Thank God it’s not my child… that’s honestly what you are saying.

Are you that child now grown up? Were you always over weight?

Tackling obesity is a lifelong challenge you must battle the odds always .All you need to do is to say NO. Remember that the food you eat is what you are so be cautious.

Drink copious amounts of water to flush the toxins away. Always be happy to celebrate when you lose weight. Believe me you will. Just stick with the Taylor Made Diet plan.

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