Thursday 6th May & Friday 7th May 2015

Hi Folks,

Where does the time disappear, I can’t believe we are already heading towards the end of the week, the days fly by so quickly. You’re almost on your day off!!! Unbelievable and you’ll be down another 2-3lbs at least- fantastic isn’t it.

I would really like to get you all to focus now on what you are drinking. Remember that it is essential that you consume a litre and a half of water every day. I know how difficult this is especially as you are eating less. ┬áBut do please drink the water, it helps to flush the toxins from your body and it also helps to fill you. Don’t drink carbonated water… you are far better sticking with the simple flat water. Always carry a bottle of water with you at all times. drink it all throughout the day. It really works, I promise you!

Fruit is an important part of your diet so do supplement the diet with blueberries, gooseberries, redcurrants and blackberries. they are all really good for you and complement your breakfast . Don’t ever eat grapes they are laden with sugar as is pineapple. SO BEWARE , eat a little and often – IT WORKS!!!!!!

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