Thursday 7th & Friday 8th September 2017

Hi Folks,

Just a quick reminder to you all of the importance of sticking with The Taylor Made Lifestyle plan. You MUST eat everything we give you, your omega three nuts and also your snacks. If you don’t your body locks down, panics that it is going to be starved and goes into survival mode and stores your food as FAT. This is then held in reserve for when you are left with no food. This is our animal instincts taking over.

With the Taylor Made Lifestyle plan, you are developing a lifelong habit, a new you. Habits take approximately 7 weeks to be fully formed so you have to give your body the chance to adapt. Once your body realises that more food keeps coming it won’t store your food intake as FAT.

That’s where we are trying to get to. Along the way WATER is always your friend as much as is humanly possible is what is suggested. Exercise is a key to improve your body shape and in making you feel better in yourself. You will not lose weight by exercise alone. Losing weight is 80% what you put into your mouth and 20% exercise. So please follow the plan . It works. We have thousands of happy customers. Give yourself the time to develop this life to change the habit.

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