Thursday 7th January & Friday 8th January 2016

Hi Folks,

It’s tough letting go of Christmas, believe you we know. we are all now trying to lose those additional pounds that we sadly gained over the Christmas period. DONT DESPAIR .. the decision to start the Taylor made Lifestyle plan is the first step to losing the excess weight and getting yourself back on track.

Remember it is so important that you stick to the very simple and basic rules

Eat everything you have delivered

Eat 5 times a day

Eat NO fruit for 10 days

Drink No caffeine, that is in tea, coffee or soft drinks

No Fruit Juice ever

Drink a minimum of a litre of water a day

EXERCISE – start doing something you enjoy… before you know it you’ll enjoy the exercise…

call me anytime with your questions or suggestions
Ken 086 8167534