Thursday 8th & Friday 9th August 2016

Hi Folks,

Well we are back in our Indian Summer, its unbelievably warm. The big plus for us on the Taylor Made Lifestyle plan is that it is great encouragement to get out and to get healthy. Being healthy means more than simply eating the right food, its about your overall wellbeing, That means that you must get active and fit, a healthy body helps to create a healthy mind. You also need to become more aware of yourself and to be kind to yourself. Being able to cope comes with you being resilient and with being healthy. When we feel good about ourselves and are striving to be fitter and more active and when we are making healthy lifestyle choices we feel healthier in all aspects of our life.

Eating low GL food gives you that energy that you need to go to the gym, go for that walk, to swim, cycle etc etc.. You will be shocked at the additional energy you have from making GL food choices. We make it easy by ensuring you eat only Good carbs and proteins.  Stay with the plan … this will change how you live for the better. You can do it!! Call me anytime  Ken 0868167534