Tuesday 29th & Wednesday 30th March 2016

Hi Folks,

Well Easter is almost here , stay focused this week as you’ll no doubt be under temptation with all that chocolate floating around next week. Stay true to the Taylor made Diet plan this week and you will be happy .This will allow you some ease of conscience next weekend if you slip… just a little…

Always know that you can start again the next day anyway. One day wont make a difference but be good until teh weekend.

Watch your water intake it really is very important and will enable you to flush the dreaded toxins from your body. We need at lease 8 glasses of water a day.

Get out and exercise it really will make a difference to your life if you get up and get fit. Remember the Taylor Made Diet is a life long change in your eating habits. You will change how much you eat and how often you eat and also the type of carbs you eat. it takes time but it does work. Stick with the plan .You will be successful.

If you have any questions just call me anytime, im alwyas available seven days a week. No time is a bad time.

Ken 086 8167534 [email protected] [email protected]