Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th January 2017

Hi Folks,

Well as the kids slink back to school reluctantly we can all now truly focus now on getting ourselves ready to face our resolutions and to honour our promises made to improve our lives by eating a healthier and low GL diet. By cutting  out the high GL foods and concentrating on keeping our blood sugars balanced we will curb our cravings and know that we can and will lose weight. YES it will be tough for the first few weeks when we are breaking the sugar reliance foods that our bodies crave but it will also be a wonderful way to cleanse our systems and to get our bodies working to their optimum.

Copious gallons of water must accompany any diet but especially the Taylor Made Lifestyle diet. This water consumption  will enable you to flush the built up toxins from your body and you will soon feel all the better for it. The fact that you will be taking in good carbs , pulses and and less sugar you will be energised.The Omega 3 seed pack will fee your nails and hair and you will begin to glow. Its unbelievable but you will have an energy rush that you are simply not used to.

Eat minimum of 5 times a day, eat everything we give you and the weight will fall away. Call me any time to discuss the diet. ken 0868167534