Tuesday 14th April & Wednesday 15th April

Hi Folks,

Well I hope you are all enjoying the very pleasant spring sunshine and getting out and involved in some physical activity. The more you exercise the happier you will feel. You will also obviously burn some calories and the body will start to shape up.

Water is an essential element in the diet. By drinking non carbonated water you will feel full and also you will flush the toxins from your body. Remember at the beginning you may have some withdrawal symptoms particularly when you are coming off an over reliance on caffeine. This discomfort passes very quickly and before you know it the decaf version of your favourit caffeine kick will satisfy you.

We use only Kangen water in our cooking, we soak and wash all our foods in Kangen water and this ensures that every dish is created with pure water. Ken invested in this having realised the health benefits of Kangen water . The flavours of the food are greatly enhanced by using Kangen water.

Stay well away from alcohol if you can. If you must or are treating yourself go for either wine or spirits. Do not drink beer or cafeinated soft drinks or fruit juice as mixers , they are loaded in sugar. Stay true to the Taylor Made Diet and you will experience success. Call me anytime ken 086 8167534