Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th March 2016

Hi Folks,


Well many of you will be celebrating with your families as you raise the Irish flag in the schools around the country. I hope you all have a lovely time. it’s such a historic occasion we are all getting into the celebration. St Patrick’s day is Thursday this week so yet another celebration. Please be good to yourself, you will most likely weaken and break the diet to support the festivities. As I said before that’s fine once you don’t stay off the diet for too long.

With alcohol, be careful and be smart. You can have a gin as it is low GL , in fact you can have any spirit. It’s the mixers you must watch. Do not have any juice or highly sugared drink . This is lethal and will tip the balance on you. Stay clear of all beers and be kind to yourself.

Lots and lots of water, it’s going to be a great week weather wise so get out and go for a walk, a swim a cycle whatever you enjoy. this is a very important part of the new you. You must learn how to build the habit of exercise into your daily routine. call me anytime Ken 0868167534