Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th May 2017

Hi Folks,

Is this the indian summer we have been promised? what an amazing change in the weather. It’s a brilliant oportunity to show off the wonderful, newly trimmed bodies that we have all achieved following the Taylor Made Healthy Lifestyle Plan. Guys you deserve a moment in the sun to show off the success you have achieved. Think of the layers you have hidden under for the last number of years , now go show the world the new and the beautiful You. Rememberthe secret of success on the Taylor Made Lifestyle plan is consistency. consistency in portion size, consistency in the low GL food we eat, and above all consistency in sticking to the low GL Mantra of ‘eat a little and often’ .Yes folks, it is absolutely crucial that you eat everything we deliver. You must eat your snacks as they will prevent the dreaded sugar crash. We on the Taylor Made Plan are developing life changing habits in how we eat. We are all about keeping your blood sugars balanced so that you don’t have the dips during the day that cause you to binge. By keeping the blood sugars balanced your body won’t store fat as it knows that food will come . Habit¬†forming is what we want you to achieve, the habit of eating a healthy low GL diet and of taking regular exercise.Remember also that caffeine is your enemy , caffeine and sugar are to be avoided. Water is and always will be your friend, drink as much as you can it will fill you up , and also flush the toxins from your body.
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