Tuesday 16the June and Wednesday 17th June 2015

Hi Folks,

Well for those of you that were lucky enough to attend the Taste food festival in Iveagh Gardens over the weekend wasn’t it a wonderful celebration of all that is great and enterprising in the Irish Food Industry. The wonderful tasters of delicious food was being sampled by all and washed down by lots of bubbly and prosecco and the dreaded beer. It was a great success by all accounts and created a great summer festival. thanks to Breda and Cyril for their gist to us to attend. Really had a great time. Love food and wine so the event went down an absolute treat.

The portions on offer were small and tasty , the only problem was that you had a tendency to sample too many small nibbles. In truth it is a dangerous activity grazing in this way in the sun as you assume that you are eating very little when in fact you are probably over eating. The food was delicious and it was our day off… back to basics tomorrow and you can make up for this very quickly.

Remember it is crucial that you are constantly grazing on the snacks we provide.These keep your blood sugar level and stop you from having a sugar crash which will lead you down the road of temptation.

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