Tuesday 20th May & Wednesday 21st May 2015

Hi Folks,

Well guys it’s nearly bikini time , shudder the thought some might say but those of you now clocking up 2 and 3 stone losses will be anxious to get out and show off the new firmly toned bods. Ed a client just text this minute to say he lost 9lbs in 2 weeks, YES the Taylor Made DIET works. The food is really fresh , tasty and healthy and yes you will lose the weight if you hang in and follow the plan. Remember it is about the food you eat and the size of those portions. educating the palate to accept GL food is such an important life changing habit to develop. Once you have been on the TMD you will know. You will be able to decide what is the best option to eat. A good rule of thumb is to look at your plate , divide it in 3, one-third will be protein, one-third will be greens or super foods like lentils, beans etc and the final third will be good carbs. Brown carbs whever possible, organic whole grain pasta and organic whole grain basmati rice. Always go for the unrefined carbs they take longer to break down and deliver the energy you need slower. It’s this constant habit that will stand to you when you start to go it alone. A good option is also to stick with our plan for 2/3 days a week and do your own thing for the balance of the week or like many of our lifers who come back every so often when the good habits are being broken more than they should. Call me if you want to talk this through . Ken 086 8167534