Tuesday 20th &Wednesday 21st May 2017

Hi Folks,

Well it’s been a weekend and indeed a week of highlighting how obese the Irish nation is and how obese we will be before too long. The ultimate objective in becoming a TMD’er is to get the GL balance right, to cut portions and to reduce and balance your sugar intake. purpose of having a diet like ours delivered to your door is to re educate you and also to make dieting which is incredibly difficult convenient. By Ken taking away the choice you have when you open the fridge you will stick with the diet and you will lose weight

The food is very tasty, its ethnic and it changes regularly. Your calories are counted for you, you are getting only good carbs and all slow release with a low GL count. That is why you are feeling better, less bloated and also fuller. It is the absense of the sugar highs and lows that are bringing about a new YOU.
Water is essential remember to drink at all times of the day and night. Your bottle of non carbonated water is your steady friend. Ken is always at the end of the phone, call me anytime day or night if you want any changes to the diet or want to discuss your progress. Ken 086 8167534