Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th November 2015

Hi Folks,

I’ve just been counting and it’s four and a half weeks to Christmas day. I’m in the absolute horrors! I simply can’t believe that Christmas Day is so close. Can you imagine that we’ve got to get the Christmas trees and the dreaded lights from the attic and start praying they work. The tension that creates in our house is simply nuts. We spend a whole day unboxing and unwrapping everything to find that one set of lights inevitably won’t work.

Well at least the Christmas outfit is going to look really good on you. Having followed the Taylor Made Lifestyle plan you will all be looking really well.Debbie Deegan makes the most divine Christmas door wreaths to order if you are in the market. They’re beautiful and all you simply have to do is order a wreath and they will be created for you. Her shop is ‘With LOve’ on Vernon Avenue Clontarf and well worth a visit for really gorgeous Christmas gifts.

Stay true to The Taylor Made Lifestyle plan this week. Eat five times a day, drink copious amounts of water. Dont be tempted to sway away. Christmas is very close and you can still lose another stone if you really want to… Call me anytime…Ken 086 8167534