Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th October 2017

Hi Folks,

WATCH YOUR ALCOHOL INTAKE WINE Wine contains a small amount of sugar – roughly 1 gram per standard glass for white wine, and 1.5 grams for red (or 5 grams and 7.5 grams per bottle respectively). But sweet wines are another story altogether! The rule of thumb is that the sweeter a wine is, the more sugar it has – some wines that are classified as ‘medium’ sweetness have up to 34g of sugar per bottle, with even sweeter wines containing still more sugar. So if you’re looking to try to cut down the amount of sugar in your alcoholic beverages, dry white or dry red wine are good options – stay off the sweet stuff!

BEER An even better option (as far as the low sugar content is concerned) is beer. Beer generally contains no sugar, but what it lacks in sugar is offset by a large amount of carbohydrates. For example, a 375ml bottle of standard local beer will contain no sugar but a whopping 18 grams of carbohydrates! SPIRITS t is often said that ‘the clearer the better’ as spirits such as vodka and gin are lower in calories. Overall, distilled liquor has no sugar content. But it’s not the liquor itself that causes concern…The worst thing you can do is add mixers such as soft drinks or juice to your drink.

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