Tuesday 25th August & Wednesday 26th August 2015

Hi Folks,

Well are you all in a panic with the kids getting back to school., It’s that nerve-wracking time, stress levels begin to rise and everyone gets the old butterflies. If you don’t have children you are dreading the increased traffic that’s going to hit the roads as we try to drive our kids into the classrooms. God forbid they may have to walk , or worse that we’d have to walk to and from the school. We create the couch potatoes we become. We foster this absence of activity in our efforts to protect our offspring.

Remember that they too will benefit from a healthy lunch box, steer well away from the sugary treats that will cause thesame sugar crashes in them that you are avoiding. remember that you are creating food monsters when you overload your children with sugar. Water is all the liquid they need, they don’t need either carbonated or indeed sugary fruit juices. A piece of fruit yes, but not a sugar laden drink.

Start educating your kids to eat the Omega 3 snacks , they will give them slow release energy throughout the day. Remember folks to share the knowlege you are learning on teh Taylor Made Lifestyle Plan and to practice what you preach…