Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th October 2016

Ever feel this way if you do then you have over done it. If you’re gasping for air feeling sluggish after a meal you have eaten too much sugar and too many carbohydrates. Drinking Water and Weight Loss Tips                                             Drinking before, during and after meals. To optimize nutrient absorption from food, drink 16 ounces of water 30 to 60 minutes before each meal. Avoid drinking any beverages (especially ice cold drinks) during meals. Cold drinks and sugary drinks will inhibit digestion. If anything, it is best to sip filtered water or warm herbal tea during meals. Wait at least 30 minutes after a meal to start drinking water again. Drink your remaining daily quota in between meals. Measure your water intake. Even if you think you are drinking “a lot of water,” measure your daily intake for a while. You might be surprised how much water you are actually drinking. Try cold water between meals. Some studies indicate water that is lower than body temperature will help with weight loss. According to the researchers, water that is cooled to about 70° F increases the rate at which calories are burned. The reason for this is simple: the body has to use considerable amounts of energy to warm the cold water up to body temperature. I don’t recommend icy cold water, especially during meals, because it can inhibit the digestive process.

Try the above out and you will feel the difference. Water as we constantly tell you is your friend. Call me anytime  Ken 087 7378540