Tuesday 26th May & Wednesday 27th May 2015

Hi Folks,

Can you believ it is the last week of school term before the dreaded Leaving Cert and Junior Cert begin. Where does the academic year go….Remember if you have children doing exams it is very impoirtant that they snack on seeds and nuts to keep them alert and their sugar levels balanced over the course of the three hour exams. Some dried cranberries and seeds and nuts as a snack will keep them stay focused and of course a litre of water. Lots of water to keep the brain nourished. Its not good to get dehydrated during the exam. A good breakfast of porridge or meusli will also set them up for the day. remember even though you are the client on the TMD Diet there is no reason why the habits you are adopting can’t be spread across the family. It really is good habits that will prevent your family over indulging as they get older.

Always watch the sugar content of the drink you consume. Be careful, no beer , stick with wine or as Brendan OConnor has said his tipple is prosecco. A little is good for us all and sometimes we need a little more. Again, it’s good for the soul. Don’t feel guilty, enjoy this life it is to be lived , just watch that you stay away from the goodies for a few days and all will be fine. Call me anytime . Ken 086 8187534