Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th October

Hi Folks,

Happy Halloween it’s going to be a long…. week. The kids are all off school and the madness and lack of stucture will inevitably kick in. Yes ,you will be tempted to stray especially when you are faced with bags of goodies and the bank holiday weekend. We always feel we are entitled to more especially on a bank holiday.

We believe that you have to enjoy life an if that means breaking the diet then that’s Ok. The most important think you can do is to enjoy the craic but recover by starting immediately the very next day. Remember that water as always is your friend and by drinking plenty of water you will not only fill yourself up but you will also flush the toxins from your body.

Alohol is a dangerous enemy and while we all succumb at times I suggest you are careful . NO BEER, NO sugary mixers , stick with wine or spirits and sugar free mixers. Be sensible , they are all wasted calories and all high in sugar content. You will crash afterwards definitely. BE STRONG…

Call me if you need to talk . Ken 086 8187534