Tuesday 28th & Wednesday 29th March 2017

Hi Folks,

Hope mothers day with all that chocolate you were showered with and your family lunches went really well. I hope you guys were not too bold. A little of a good thing is good for everyone. Above all else I hope you all enjoyed a really special day and that you guys spoiled all the mammies in your life.

Well its over now and we only have a couple of weeks before we will be tripping over the easter eggs that are flooding the shops. Have you ever seen sooooo…. much chocolate . Honestly for someone like me who simply cannot say no, it is a very difficult time of the year. My greatest weakness is the Lindt Easter Bunny and God if you get the mammoth bunny his ears are so thick the experience is truly orgasmic! ken has treated me as he knows I love those bunny ears… I’m a sad chocoholic.

Anyway with the mountain of sugar these eggs contain they are to be avoided at all cost. That’s what I keep telling myself. They will truly set you off kilter and so avoid at all cost. If you do break, accept the weakness and just start all over again. Lots of water, small portions and you will be back on track in no time. Call Ken to discuss your TMD plan and your weight loss or with any ideas you have for dishes you would like him to try out. 0868167534