Tuesday 29th July & Wednesday 30th July 2015

Hi Folks,

Well we had the pleasure of ticking off another couple of bucket list items this weekend. we were blessed to spend the weekend in Kerry with two of our favourite ‘Foodie’ friends. We dined, we wined and we were drunk on the intoxicating scenery around Dingle, Kerry and in particular lake Carragh. Wow we get why it’s called the kingdom. What a delightful, magical and intoxicating place to spend quality time with good friends.

We also managed to savour the culinary delights that you are spoiled with in the Kingdom. the freshly caught fish and especially the luscious shellfish is just divine.. what a gastronomic delight to be in such a beautiful setting and to eat delicious fresh fish. And guys no heavy calories involved, all simple fare with fresh herbs and fresh vegetables. Nothing laden with cream just delightful simple fresh food. It was a really magic trip and I recommend the Kingdom to all ,If it’s on the bucket list GO DO IT. Lots of magic coffee shops as well and delightful home baking. Now there we had a weakness. But only a taste… you realise you’re better sticking with the seafood and abstain.. that’s a habit you will develop on the Taylor made Lifestyle. It just happens organically as you become accustomed to our plan.

Look forward to hearing about your weight loss success. Call me anytime Ken, 086 8167534