Tuesday 29th & Wednesday 30th September 2015

Hi Folks,

Well we certainly have had a burst of Summer sunshine this weekend, and its to last the week isn’t this simply wonderful. It will shorten our winter days. I also heard that believe it or not there is only 12 weeks to Christmas. can you believe it??? I can’t

Folks that gives you a very definite goal to set yourself. You can all shed a minimum of two stone before Christmas if you set your heart into . Don’t try from the Taylor Made Lifestyle plan , eat regularly five times a day , munch on your omega three snacks and drink copious amounts of water. Believe you me this will change your eating habits and guarantee you the loss of all those unwanted pounds and in time to go shopping for that special outfit for Christmas.

Remember that fruit is filled with sugar and fruit juices are laden with sugar so don’t go snacking on too much juice. Drink simple chilled water and eat only fruit with a berry in it. Blueberries being the best and lowest GL of all. Remember we are about balancing the sugar and keeping you level so you don’t spike and then have a sugar crash.

Be good you are to set a goal for christmas WRITE IT DOWN.Call me if you want to talk. Ken 086 8167534