Tuesday 2nd June & Wednesday 3rd June 2015

Hi Folks,

Well Summer is officially well established and despite the never ending rain the sunshine is coming they say and just in time for the exams. Yes, as always the sun will shine while the poor kids sweat it out in exam halls all over the schools of Ireland. Midsummers day is a mere 20 days away, plesae God this month will be good and July.

No doubt you’ve all peeled off the winter clothes and are sporting your new ‘bods’ all over the place, It’s great to feel lighter and trimmer expecially when you can’t hide behind the multiple layers we wear to cover ourselves. Get out when you can and enjoy the moment you’ve worked hard enough to deserve it.You’ll be full of new energy now so go take a walk, cycle, swim, dance whatever you enjoy and enjoy the new healthier lighter you.

Always carry your best friend with you, your bottle of water, water is an essential component in your new healthier diet. It keeps your skin hydrated and also flushes the toxins out of the system. Drink copious amounts , I guarantee you’ll eat less as well.

Call me if you need anything or want to chat through the diet. We love to hear your success stories. Ken 086 8167534