Tuesday 30th June & Wednesday 1st July 2015

Hi Folks,

Well folks life is certainly busy these days , with festivals, BBQs and summer garden parties to attend. The beer is flowing the vino is cooled and we’re all throwing caution to the wind. Please be careful, the sun has an intoxicating impact on you. You actually think you are not drinking at all , it is unbelievable what you can convince yourself of !!! Believe me YOU ARE, all that alcohol no matter how delicious it tastes and no matter how easily it seems to slip down your throat, it is not to be consumed lightly. It is full of sugar, it is loaded with empty calories. DO YOU REALLY NEED THIS ?? ask yourself and let your conscience prick you. Certainly enjoy a little . the glass of vino or a spirit with a caffeine free mixer is OK never beer, never Guinness never cocktails. Remember it will undo all your hard work. Is it really worth it???

Your friend the water bottle always have him to hand. If you are drinking also drink a glass of non carbonated water as this will help to wash the toxins from the alcohol quickly from your system. It also keeps you hydrated which is very important.

remember stay with the healthy lifestyle programme you have decided to follow. Don’t be swayed, the results you want are only around the corner. Its be good to me week – remember that ME is YOU.