Tuesday 7th July & Wednesday 8th July 2015

Hi Folks,

Exercise has been of the agenda on our blogs now for a few weeks .i always feel it is an important factor that you must include if you are to be truly healthy. The new you that you are creating is a new you that will also have lots more energy, because of the omega 3 intake your hair will shine and your skin will glow. That healthy look comes about from the quality fresh food you are ingesting. It si crucial that you drink at minimum a litre of water a day. As we keep reminding you your water bottle is your best friend. Drink more than you think you need you can never have enough.

Exercise will help your metabolism and will give you a better fresher outlook on life. walk, run, dance, swim, cycle or engage in anything that is physical that you enjoy. I say it again gym fees are expensive and if you hate the gym you will not use it. There is no charge to walk on the streets and simply get out of the house.

You are guaranteed to feel better , to want to do more the more that you do. Your mind will eb healthier adn you will create a space in you mind for YOU. as I said just start to develop the habit. Do it today.

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