Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th December 2015

Hi Folks,

Well, we surely are on the run up to Christmas, the mince pies and Christmas pudding smothered in cream are the staple dessert on restaurant menus. I know it’s very hard to stay away from these goodies but I say choose your moments, think it out and consider your Christmas. Choose the days you are going to break the diet, don’t slip into breaking the diet on a regular basis.

Be good to yourself, you’ve tried so hard to do well. Stick with a light lunch , soup is always a good filler and will help stave off the hunger pangs. Eat your seeds and nuts during the day so keeping your blood sugars level. Its avoiding the sugar crash that is important. Staring away is no problem provided you get back on track as soon as possible. They say you can gain 8lbs over Christmas. If you remain at the weight you are now you will be very successful. Life is for living so don’t deprive yourself, enjoy Christmas but be sensible.

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